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Staying overnight at Daien-in temple to experience the uniqueness of Koyasan

Daien-in is an important temple of K0yasan with over a millennium of history. It is known for the tragic romance between Takiguchi Nyudo and Yokobue, appearing in the Heike Monogatari, and there are historical monuments to Yokobue in the temple precincts. Through the beautiful garden where the four seasons of Koyasan can be enjoyed, the daily morning chanting ceremony (6:00 AM, 6:30 AM in winter), and copying Buddhist texts with a Japanese brush, visitors will be able to experience something of the unique and dignified Buddhist temple life. Daien-in is located centrally in Koyasan, and is within easy walking distance of Kongobu-ji (about seven minutes), Reihokan Museum (about ten minutes) Tokugawa Reidai Mausoleum (about 15 minutes), and Daimon Gate (about 20 minutes). Japanese lamps and other objects made of Koyagami paper, said to have been transmitted from Kobo Daishi, and photographs taken by the photographer Nagasaka Yoshimitsu, who made photographing Koyasan his life’s work, decorate the temple inn.

    Shojin ryori: Koyasan Buddhist Vegetarian Cuisine

    Shojin ryori is a style of vegetarian cooking based on Buddhist moral precepts that avoids all animal and fish products. It makes use of fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains. It is our pleasure to serve shojin ryori to our guests at Daien-in.
    The shojin ryori served at Daien-in is hearty and delicious, and popular with our guests. Beer or Japanese sake is available upon request.
    Shojin ryori emphasizes seasonal ingredients and themes. We hope you enjoy it.

      Tasteful Japanese interiors

      Room are available for individuals, families, and larger groups. Unwind in the relaxing ambience of a peaceful room.

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